• Less rubbish in the dump
  • Less waste
  • Cleaner environment
  • Save electricity
  • Save money
  • Less pollution from your car
  • Fresher air
  • More landfill space and less money spent on landfill
  • Save water
  • Little kids don't understand
  • Less convenient
  • Takes time
  • You could still be wasting
  • You might still be dirty after a short shower
  • Reducing the brightness of the reading light can hurt your eyes
  • You might forget
  • Could be more washing up
  • Some things are still bad for the environment
  • Using both sides of your art paper can spoil your work
  • It can cost more
  • Less waste
  • You're not wasting as much
  • If you hand clothes and toys to other people it will save them money
  • People don't have to make as much
  • If we use green bags we don't need plastic bags which can be bad for the environment
  • Some people don't like hand me downs
  • It can spread germs if you're not really clean
  • You can still reuse bad things
  • Less landfill
  • You're not just wasting things
  • You don't need as much raw materials
  • It can be cheaper to produce a recycled object
  • It's hard to teach everyone to do it
  • Some people don't sort the things properly
  • It still uses energy and can cause pollution
  • The recycling bin takes up a lot os space